ENNC491: Incarnate Textualities

Course Requirements

[Note: There will be no exam.]

Of the Required and Recommended Readings for the course, some in print form, some electronic. See the Selected Resources. Some of these texts are provided in an InPrint Packet, some are in the bookstore, some are accessible online.

1. Written Papers

Each student will keep a notebook which contains one or (at most) two paragraph summaries of all the critical materials read for the course. Each summary should be accompanied by whatever questions/problems/issues these materials raise for you. Classwork will often be focussed on exactly these questions/problems/issues. These materials must be turned in, typed and double-spaced, on the last day of class.

2. In-Class Reports

Each class will organize itself as a discussion of issues and questions that are raised for class discussion by two or more students assigned for a particular day. (These asignments will be made in the first class period.) The issues and questions are to be disseminated to the class beforehand via e-mail -- in no case later than 9 a.m. on the Monday of class. The topics may have to do with either the primary materials assigned for that day's class or the "Critical Readings" or both.

3. Class Projects

Students may choose one of two types of class project.

I. Either alone or in a group of two or three, students may build an electronic (online) tool for studying two (or three) poems by one or more of the poets being studied in the class.

II. A group of students (no more than five in a group) may choose to construct a hypertext edition of one of Emily Dickinson's "fascicles" of poetry.

These study tools should be imagined as something to be used in an upper level undergraduate course; either a course about "poetry", or a course about the particular poet (including the socio- historical context of that poet and his or her work). Both will be built for publication on the World Wide Web, as educational resources available to whomever may want to use them.

Students should look on the Internet, or on some of the library's CD-Rom products, where models for such educational tools can be found in abundance. The electronic classroom (Bryan 203) will be open for use in pursuing this project. The hours at present are from 6:00-7 pm on Mondays after the regular class. If more hours are needed they will be added. The work-in-progress on these projects will be located HERE on the course homepage.


Week (14 weeks in term)

1. [Monday] 4 Sept.: Introduction to the Course

2. 11 September: Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience Critical Readings: Shrimpton; Essick. Class Reports: Haggerty

3. 18 September: Emily Dickinson, Selected Poems [InPrint Packet] Critical Readings: McGann, Black Riders pp. 26-41; Howe. Class Reports: Sisario

4. 25 September: Introduction to htlm markup and electronic texts Critical Readings: see online documents on html markup.

5. 2 October: D. G. Rossetti, "The Rossetti Archive" Critical Readings: (online) McGann, "The Rationale of Hypertext"; "Radiant Textuality". Class Reports: Winslow, Nickles

FallBreak 7- 10 Oct., (Saturday - Tuesday)

6. 16 October: Reports on: The Textual Condition. Class Reports: Botta

7. 23 October: BLAKE. Reports: both on Blake's The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Critical Readings: Carr; McGann1; Viscomi. Class Reports: Willis, Varrieur

8. 30 October: BLAKE. Reports: 1. America. A Prophecy; 2. Europe. A Prophecy Critical Readings: DeLuca; Erdman; Tolley. Class Reports: Weaver

9. 6 November: DICKINSON. Reports: both on Emily Dickinson (the printed texts) Critical Readings: St. Armand; McGann2. Class Reports: Kopeloff

10. 13 November: DICKINSON. Reports: both on Emily Dickinson (the MS materials, including the fascicles). Critical Readings: Werner; Holland; Bennett. Class Reports: Riffle


12. 27 November ROSSETTI. Reports: both on D. G. Rossetti, "Sonnets for Pictures" Critical Readings: Fredeman, Stein. Class Reports: Northrup

13. 4 December: ROSSETTI. Reports: both on "The House of Life" Critical Readings: McGann3; Riede. Class Reports: Gross

[Last day of classes, Friday Dec. 8]