Title Change

Art and Poetry

As a result of a conversation during a meeting on 13 March 1850, at which WMR, DGR, Brown, Hunt, and the Tuppers were present, it was decided that the title of the PRB house journal should be changed. Alexander Tupper, the brother of John Lucas Tupper, suggested the name "Art and Poetry." According to WMR's PRB Journal, there had been some discussion of changing the title since at least 23 February, the chief alternative title under consideration at that time being "The Artist," a suggestion of DGR's.

WMR notes in his preface to the 1901 facsimile edition of The Germ that "[w]hen the third number of the magazine was about to appear, with a change of title from "The Germ" to "Art and Poetry," two fly-sheets were drawn up, more, I think, by Messrs. Tupper the printing-firm than by myself. They contain some "Opinions of the Press," already referred to in this Introduction, and an explanation as to the change of title." A reproduction of these fly-sheets may be found here.