Papers of "The M.S. Society."

Nos. I, II, and III

John Tupper wrote No. I of this series, "An Incident in the Siege of Troy," was written before 25 November 1849, when he read it for DGR and WMR at Stephens's house. It was printed in The Germ over the objections of WMR, who considered it "too jocular and technical in style" (PRB Journal, 13 March 1850). No. II, "Swift's Dunces," was written by Tupper's brother, Alexander; the epigraph is from "Thoughts on Various Subjects (1 October 1706)", published in Miscellanies (1711). Another brother, George, contributed No. III, "Mental Scales."

WMR's notes to this series in his introduction to the 1901 Germ facsimile edition may be found here.