The Child Jesus.

A Record typical of the five Sorrowful Mysteries

"O all ye that pass by the way, attend and see if there be any sorrow like to my sorrow."--

JOSEPH, a carpenter of Nazareth,
Both parents loved him :  Mary's heart alone
Beat with his blood, and, by her love and his,
She knew that God was with her, and she strove
Meekly to do the work appointed her;
To cherish him with undivided care
Who deigned to call her mother, and who loved
From her the name of son.  And Mary gave
Her heart to him, and feared not; yet she seemed
To hold as sacred that he said or did;
And, unlike other women, never spake
His words of innocence again ; but all
Were humbly treasured in her memory
With the first secret of his birth.  So strong
Grew her affection, as the child increased
In wisdom and in stature with his years,
That many mothers wondered, saying : " These
Our little ones claim in our hearts a place
The next to God ; but Mary's tenderness
Grows almost into reverence for her child.
Is he not of herself ?  I' the temple when
Kneeling to pray, on him she bends her eyes,
As though God only heard her prayer through him.
Is he to be a prophet ?  Nay, we know