ENNC986: The Pre-Raphaelite Movement

Instructor: Jerome McGann

Term: Spring 1995

The seminar's work will center in the research projects undertaken by the class (working in small groups). These will be critical editions of key Pre-Raphaelite works. The editions will be created in hypermedia form and published in the (electronic) archive of editions "English Poetry 1780-1910: A Hypermedia Archive of Critical Editions".

To do this work the class will begin with a study of theory of textuality and then proceeed to studies of key works and figures in the Pre-Raphaelite Movement. These studies will be carried out through a series of class reports that will serve as the basis for class discussion.

Much of this work will involve tutorial rather than class work, and it presupposes a commitment by the students to complex projects that call for independent (and collective) research. There is one important requirement: students must get a working knowledge of how to edit in "Mosaic" -- which effectively means learning to use the html editing program (it's VERY easy to learn: for several online tutorials see below). The requirement can easily be met through the resources of Alderman's Etext Center, where tutorials in the needed programs etc. will be set up for the class before beginning of term.

This home page locates for access materials to be used in the course as well as materials developed and disseminated by the course members.

NOTE ON CLASS PROCEDURE AND REPORTS. Every regular class member will give one class report and one reponse to a report. The auditors will each be giving one response to a class report. For the form these reports and responses will take, go HERE. The reports will be sent to the class via email (or newsgroup) by Friday before the class, and the responses will be sent the same way by Sunday. These reports and responses will serve as the basis for the class discussion on the Monday class.

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