The Germ: A Hypermedia Edition

ENNC986 Class Project:
The Germ.
A Hypermedia Critical Edition

The materials for the edition, as well as the Work-in-Progress, will be accessed through this location.

Students working on the project should post their materials to the Newsgroup (uva.engl.ennc986) if immediate feedback or comments etc. are being sought. The Work-in-Progress should be put up in this location under the appropriate index heading. Remember to put the working date on the material at the end of every working session.

When posting anything to the mailing list or newsgroup that has specifically to do with your work on the Project, make sure you give the exact index heading for the material (headings as below). So, for example, a heading would be "Germ1text" or "Germ4notes". These uniform headings will help to keep track of the materials that are of most immediate interest to each person at any particular time.


These are the digital images of the text of The Germ. For this edition we have photocopied the text of the 1901 facsimile reprint (with an Introduction by William Michael Rossetti).


These materials are arranged here as follows:

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