ENNC986: Mailing List and Newsgroup

General Information

The Mailing List for the class is ennc986@virginia.edu. The newsgroup is uva.engl.ennc986.

Everyone in the class is also subscribed to the Newsgroup for the class. Everything sent to the Mailing List automatically goes to the Newsgroup and vice versa. What this means is that the Newsgroup preserves a full documentary record of all the electronic activity of the class -- mail as well as newsgroup documents.

Access and Navigation

If you are dialing in (telnet) to the university, type "rn" (ignore quotes here and throughout these instructions) for "read news". This will automatically put you into the newsgroup reader with a list of the newsgroups to which you are subscribed. Hitting the space bar will take you through item by item. Hitting "n" will take you out of the current document, as will "q". The (UNIX) online help menu is accessible if you go to the following UNIX file (full path is "/help/docs/u011.usenet").

If you are operating oncampus with Netscape, you have to first establish your newsgroup connection. To do this:

FIRST: go to the Options on the barheading, and when the Options window appears set the NEWSNNTP Server option to "murdoch.acc.virginia.edu". (This setting comes to you by tracking down through the setting windows. In the Options Window click on the Preferences button. When the Preferences window appears, put the cursor in the NEWSNNTP Server option and type the server as named above.) Hitting the space bar will take you (step by step) back to the home page.

SECOND: go again to Options and when the window reappears hit the "Save" box. Henceforth from within a Netscape window you can go to all your newsgroups by hitting either the Directory barheading or the Newsgroups barheading. You will find the Newsgroups window, and from there you can also subscribe to any other newsgroup you might want and it will be kept for you, with uptodate listings, in your newgroup homepage.

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