A MOO for ENNC986:
Real-Time Electronic Discussion Space

Clicking this icon will connect you to IATH-MOO, where the Rossetti Archive has a room specially set aside for discussions relating to its materials. Everyone taking ENNC986 has been registered for the MOO that contains the Rossetti Archive room. Course members can meet here for conversation. One may meet as well, from time to time, other Pre-Raphaelite scholars who might drop by.

Log in as "guest" and hit the Enter key when prompted for a password. This logs you on the machine running the MOO.

Now type "connect" (or "co") followed by your MOO name and password. You will then be connected to the MOO and will materialize (as it were) in the Rossetti room.

If you are dialing in through a modem at home type "telnet guest@hero". This will put you into the IATH-MOO. Then proceed as above.

Help instructions for functioning in the MOO environment are given as soon as you enter the MOO. NOTE: The help instructions don't tell you one thing about exiting the MOO. After typing (as per instructions) "@quit" to leave, you must hit control-C. This will give you an additional instruction about exiting.

MOOs are text-based virtual reality spaces where people go to engage with others in real-time discussion. (MOO stands for "MUD, Object-Oriented", where MUD stands for "Multi-User Dungeon.") For good general introductions to MOOs and MUDs read John Unsworth's 1994 MLA paper and Remy Evard's 1993 essay on MUDs. MOOs are constructed for special subject areas.

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