ENNC986: The Pre-Raphaelite Movement

Of the Required and Reccommended Readings for the course, some in print form, some electronic. See the list at the end of this syllabus. Some of these texts are provided in a Kinko's Packet, some are in the bookstore, some are accessible online.

PRE-TERM WORK: Before the first class in January read the following: 1. Greetham, including any further readings from his bibliographies that you feel necessary to give you a reasonably secure grasp of the standard terms of bibliographical description. (Read as much of Greetham as interests you.) 2. (in Lang, if you have not done so sometime before this) William Morris' Defense of Guenevere volume; Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market"; D. G. Rossetti's "The House of Life"; Swinburne's Atalanta in Calydon as well as the selections from Swinburne's 1866 Poems and Ballads. In the Required Print Texts read as well items 4 and 5.



1. Jan. 23: readings: McGann, The Textual Condition; Elliewood Packet nos. 5 and 7 (see below). One report (Riess), two responses (Chan, Kirschenbaum).

2. Jan. 30: readings: McGann electronic Rossetti materials (two essays plus the Mosaic version of the Rossetti Archive (see RESOURCES. Two reports (Daven, Perry), two responses Renwick, Siegel).

3. Feb. 6: class discussion of editing issues relative to the class project

4. Feb. 13: Ideas of Pre-Raphaelitism (both Contemporary Victorian and later scholarly); with examples from specific works

Two reports (Parent, Siegel), one reponse (Skillen).

5. Feb. 20: D. G. Rossetti, "Hand and Soul" (Elliewood Packet); D. G. Rossetti, modern scholarship :use Reserve books and see especially Riede's "Introduction" (Elliewood Packet)

Two reports (Griffin, Ruotolo), one reponse (Riess).

6. Feb. 27: the ballad, the literary ballad, the Pre-Raphaelite ballad

One report (Chan), one response (Nixon).


March 6, 13: no classes. This period should be given over primarily to the initial consolidation of the work on the class project.

7. March 20: Morris

One report (Renwick), one response (Brady).

8. March 27: Christina Rossetti

One report (DeGaynor), one response (Kennedy).

9. April 3: D. G. Rossetti "The House of Life"

One report (Skillen), one response (Rutherford).

10. April 10: Swinburne

One report (Brady), two responses (Daven, Palmer).

11. April 17: D. G. Rossetti: Paintings

One report (Rutherford), two responses (DeGaynor, Perry).

12. April 24: Millais and Holman Hunt: Paintings

One report (Nixon), one response (Parent).

13. May 1: Rossetti and Burne-Jones: Paintings

One report (Kennedy), two responses (Griffin, Ruotolo).

Required Print Texts (RT)

Other Recommended Print Texts

Elliewood Copies Packet

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