ENSP 482: Theory and Practice of Hypertext

ENSP 482 is an honors undergraduate seminar in English, taught in the spring of 1996 at the University of Virginia. This seminar will examine the theory and practice of hypertext, from its beginnings in the book through its contemporary software incarnations, including Macintosh-, Windows-, and Unix-based systems.

Members of the seminar will work in small groups over the course of the semester to construct their own hypertexts, the nature of which (critical, creative, bibliographical, documentary, autobiographical, etc.) will be determined by the authors. The World-Wide Web will be the medium for exchanging information related to the seminar, and wherever possible readings and projects will be presented through the Web, but seminar members are welcome to construct their projects in environments other than the Web.

Some office hours and occasional guest lectures will be held in the IATH MOO, a text-based virtual reality facility.

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