ENSP 482: Theory and Practice of Hypertext


John Unsworth
F 12 - 2:30
Wil 308

Office Hours:
9-11 a.m. Friday (304B Bryan Hall)

1/19: Introduction

Goals and Structure of the Seminar
Concepts of Hypertext
Basics of the Web (Demonstration)


1/26: Tools

Hands-on introduction to the World-Wide Web and MOO; demonstrations of Storyspace, Shockwave, Director, Java



Suggested Reserve Reading:

2/2: History

Historical backgrounds of hypertext


Suggested Reserve Reading:

2/9: Theory 1

Re-thinking the Book


Suggested Reserve Reading

2/16: Creative Hypertext 1

Non-linear narratives, hypertext poetry. Seminar Guest: Ed Falco.


Suggested Reserve Reading

2/23: Hypertext Design

Technics of hypertext, techniques of writing


Suggested Reserve Reading:

3/1: Class Projects

Each group will present functional specifications for the final project, including participants' roles, theoretical basis, outline of contents and user interface, sample html pages.

3/8: Midterm Exam

In-class written exam on the reading

3/15: Spring Recess

3/22: Theory 2

Hypertext Editions

Suggested Reserve Reading:

3/29: Critical Hypertext

The Hypertext Essay. Guest Speaker, Stuart Moulthrop. Class meets on IATH-MOO.

Suggested Reserve Reading:

4/5: Theory 3


Suggested Reserve Reading:

4/12: Creative Hypertext 2

Web-based fiction

4/19: Class Projects

Final Draft Critiques: Each student is responsible for putting up a page of substantive critique of each group project other than his/her own.

4/26: Class Projects

Final Presentations: Each group will present final projects, compare final product to midterm specifications, and respond to final draft critiques.

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Image (the Eusebian Canon tables) from James O'Donnell, "Some manuscript images of the technology of the word in the Middle Ages"
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