Class List, ENSP 482


These projects were created by groups over the course of the spring 1995 semester. Each group is responsible for their project's content, and this content may or may not reflect the beliefs of the professor, the technical assistant to the class, or the other people who work at the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. For critiques and questions, please mail the majordomo list shown below (

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ENSP 482's Majordomo mailing list is

John Unsworth [Instructor]
Dan Ancona [Technical Assistant]

Umberto Bonavita []
Jessica Botta [English/Italian]
Trish Canney [Math/English]
Ed Carr [English/Interdisciplinary]
Brendan Gray [Drama]
Jennifer Hoyt [English]
Thomas Kraft [Interdisciplinary/Echols]
Katie Maxa [English/French]
Erin McFarland [English]
Adam Olenn [Music/English]
Michal Pospieszalski [Echols/Interdisciplinary]
David Riffle [English]
Michelle Sasscer
Sam Shank [English/Astronomy]