Raytracing by David Anjo, from OTIS

The Mud Room

A MUD is a multi-user dungeon--a text-based virtual reality program that could be described as spatialized hypertext. This class will occasionally make use of a type of MUD called a MOO (Mud, Object-Oriented) for office hours and guest lecturers. MUDs and MOOs are accessible by telnet, with or without a software client.

Seminar members can log in to special accounts that have been set up to provide client sessions for those who do not have access to client software on their own accounts: if you have difficulty following the anchors below (especially users of MS Windows on the PC) you may want to make a telnet connection, outside of the Web, to:

The class will also explore WAXWeb, a MOO-based collaborative hypertext, with an authoring and browsing interface for the World-Wide Web.

New! MOO Session Archives- read our gritty and unedited conversations as we fearlessly push back the darkness of cyberspace!

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