ENSP 982: Assignments

There will be two major projects due during the semester:

PROJECT ONE: Teletheory
Compose a hypertext (html code, internet display) that gives (Derrida) a profane illumination (Cohen) of your political unconscious (Jameson).

PROJECT TWO: Chorography
200 points (100 concept/100 design)

The first of these two projects will be due from each individual member of the class, the second from each of several groups (or Bands, in Ulmer's terminology):

Each student is assigned to a band (ensemble). Each band will give two in-class presentations during the semester (one for each Project).
2 @ 50 = 100 points

In addition to the major projects, seminar participants will be responsible during the course of the semester for:

Each band is responsible for leading discussion on the class e-mail list during the weeks devoted to the book about which they are giving the in- class presentation. Regular participation in e-mail brainstorming is required in addition to the periods of leadership.
2 @ 50 = 100

Each band must produce four logs of intraband MOO brainstorming sessions--one for each of the books other than those of the band's in-class presentation. Members should take turns logging the sessions. The logger is responsible for turning in a machine-readable log of the session.
4 @ 25 = 100

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