ENSP 982: Goals

Members of this seminar will collaborate with members of ENG6138: Electronic Culture, taught by Greg Ulmer at the University of Florida. Readings for the first half of our semester coincide roughly with theirs, assignments will be coordinated, and participants in the UVa seminar will be paired with participants in the Florida seminar, as readers of one another's work in progress. The overall goals of these two seminars are the same:

Our research this semester targets the contribution our discipline might make to the new literacy (electeracy, byteracy) coming into formation in our civilization around electronic technology in general, and the computer in particular. Grammatology (the history of writing) shows that literacy is an apparatus, a social machine, that includes not only a technology (the alphabet, the printed book) but also institutional practices (schooling) and an ideology of the human subject (humanism). The emergence of electronic technology in our time involves a transformation of these other dimensions as well. Our goal is to rethink the position of our expertise in relation to this transformation of the apparatus of language from literacy to byteracy.

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