ENSP 982: Readings


Please note: Books are in the bookstore, as marked below: please don't recall library copies--I will place those on reserve
Margaret Cohen, Profane Illumination: Walter Benjamin and the Paris of Surrealist Revolution (available in the bookstore)

Jacques Derrida, Given Time: I. Counterfeit Money

Fredric Jameson, The Political Unconscious: Narrative as a Socially Symbolic Act

Gregory Ulmer, Heuretics: the logic of invention (available in the bookstore)

Reserve Reading:

In addition to the books listed above, the following will be found on reserve:
Gregory Ulmer, Teletheory: grammatology in the age of video

Network-Accessible Readings


Dynamic Documents
NCSA's HTML Primer
Netscape's Guide to HTML
Tracy LaQuey, The Internet Companion
Yahoo: Beginner's Guides to Computers and the Internet


Mondo 2000 Interview with Brenda Laurel
Robin Moore interviews Constance Penley and Andrew Ross about Technoculture
Louise Wilson, "Cyberwar, God And Television: Interview with Paul Virilio"

Conference Proceedings:

King Ludd: The Resistance to Technology (IATH-MOO Conference, 9/23/95)

Articles and Books:

Roy Ascott, "The Architecture of Cyberception"
Jean Baudrillard, "Pataphysics of Year 2000"
Shannon Bell, "Kate Bornstein: A Transgender Transsexual Postmodern Tiresias"
Gareth Branwyn, "The Desire to Be Wired"
André Breton, "What is Surrealism?"
Wes Cooper, "Virtual Reality and the Metaphysics of Self, Community and Nature"
Guy Debord, The Society of the Spectacle
Oliver Hockenhull, "Towards A Furious Philosophy Of The Discrete"
P.K. Jamison, "Contradictory Spaces: Pleasure and the Seduction of The Cyborg Discourse"
Kroker and Weinstein, "The Hyper-Texted Body, Or Nietzsche Gets A Modem"
Joshua S. Lateiner, "Of Man, Mind and Machine: Meme-Based Models of Mind and the Possibility for Consciousness in Alternate Media"
Elizabeth Lawley:
"Computers and the Communication of Gender"
"The Sociology of Culture in Computer-Mediated Communication: An Initial Exploration"
"Discourse and Distortion in Computer-Mediated Communication"
Geert Lovink, "The Media Gesture Of Data Dandyism"
Tomasz Mazur, "Working Out the Cyberbody: Sex and Gender Constructions in Text-Based Virtual Space"
William Mitchell, City of Bits
Annalee Newitz, "Surplus Identity On-Line" (Bad Subjects Issue #18, Feb. 1995)
Mark Pesce, "Final Amputation: Pathogenic Ontology in Cyberspace"
Mark Poster, "Cyberdemocracy: Internet and the Public Sphere"
Mark Poster, "Postmodern Virtualities"
Elizabeth Reid, "Electropolis"
Howard Rheingold, The Virtual Community
Dianne Rothleder, "From False Consciousness To Viral Consciousness"
Bruce Sterling, "A Short History of the Internet"

Sites and Collections:

Bad Subjects
Cybermind Texts
Electronic Journal of Virtual Culture
E-Ville Dialogues
Fetishturgy at UFL
Hakim Bey
The Metaverse
Postmodern Culture
Show Your Fetish
Situationist International Archive
The Sunsite Communications Archive
The Surrealism Server
Yahoo Cyberculture Collection

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