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Texture was published as a regular magazine before changing its name to Hypertexture and its distribution format to CD-ROM.

This unique publication offers over 30 minutes of audio material (music, performance, audio art) playable on any standard compact disc player. The audio submissions range from Croatian women's poetry, to music by Jello Biafra, to Japanese techno dance music. Of more interest to the hypertext artist are the remaining 350MB of information. This consists of feature articles, computer art, still images, animations and digital videos. The magazine has a strong emphasis on artists' resource materials, including information on grant applications and deadlines, and mailing lists of arts organizations and spaces.

Hypertexture seeks to bring art into a context congruent with technology. To this end they are also planning to publish training materials for other small groups who want to learn how to publish on CD-ROM.

The parent organization of Hypertexture is ArtLab, a corporation formed in 1984 by David Fodel and Stacey Bernstein to serve as a legal umbrella and obtain support for cultural projects. ArtLab also oversees the Backstairs Performance Series, Vox Femina Women's Performance Collective, Lucy's Hot Milk Productions (a 50 member woman's alternative film collective), and Self Misery Soup Kitchen Productions (a radio theatre company producing its second season of a live 13-part weekly soap opera).

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