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Its Name Was Penelope

Its Name Was Penelope is a hypertext by Judy Malloy. The narrator, Anne, is a middle-aged photographer who works in the California arts world. Malloy describes the work in these terms:

The six files (or parts) of Its Name was Penelope [...] are loosely based on books from The Odyssey. The Reader chooses which file to read and can move at will between the six files. Within each file [...] the reader is given, at the will of the computer's pseudo-random number generator ("the thread that fate spins" Rouse p. 11), a series of individual screens--each, like a photo in a photo album, representing a picture from Anne's memory--so that the work is like a pack of small paintings or photographs that the computer continuously shuffles. (correspondence with the author)

The work was originally published by Narrabase Press 1990.

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