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Postmodern Culture

One of the most impressive electronic publications, the Journal of Postmodern Culture (PMC) is issued three times a year by North Carolina State University, Oxford University Press, and The University of Virginia. PMC features interdisciplinary studies in contemporary literature, theory, and culture. They publish writing which ranges from analytical essays and reviews to video scripts and other new literary forms (including hypertext). PMC hopes to open the discussion of postmodernism to a wide audience and to encourage reconsideration of the forms and practices of academic writing. The journal was founded in 1990 by Eyal Amiran, Greg Dawes, Elain Orr, and John Unsworth.

At present, PMC has over 3,000 subscribers in more than 40 countries. They welcome essays on a wide range of topics: extended abstracts of works in progress, reviews, features concerning popular culture, and creative writing. Submissions may be sent either as e-mail or hard copy accompanied by disk.

PMC also runs an open discussion group for issues relating to the journal's contents and to postmodernism in general. To request subscription to PMC-Talk from the ListServ program, substitute "pmc-talk" for "pmc-list" in the ListServ command given below. PMC-Talk has its own set of files, including bibliographies, translations, non-juried essays, interviews, and creative writing.

The journal also offers The PMC Electronic Text Award ($500) to encourage new work in the field of postmodernism and to promote the use of electronic media in scholarly and literary publishing.

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