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TapRoot is a quarterly publication of independent, underground, and experimental language-centred arts. Over the past ten years, they have published over forty collections of poetry, writing, and visio-verbal art in a variety of formats. In August of 1992, publication of TapRoot Reviews began, featuring a wide range of "Micro-Press" publications which are primarily language-oriented. The printed version appears as part of the poetry tabloid The Cleveland Review. The electronic version, which premiered in the fall of 1992, contains all of the short reviews that the editors deem to be of general interest. TapRoot provides this information in the hope that netters do not limit their reading to E-mail and BBSs. The editors of Taproot have expressed enthusiasm toward the hypertext format and encourage submissions.

TapRoot is published by Burning Press, a non-profit educational corporation supported, in part, with funds from the Ohio Arts Council.

Luigi-Bob Drake, Editor
Burning Press
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Lakewood OH


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