The Electronic Labyrinth

Georgia Institute of Technology

The Georgia Institute of Technology offers courses in hypertext and hypermedia through their School of Literature, Communication and Culture. They offer both a B.Sc. in Science Technology and Culture and a M.Sc. in Information Design and Technology.

The following courses are currently taught by Stuart Moulthrop:

Hypermedia Workshop: studies hypermedia texts and engages students in collaborative projects in Storyspace and Hypercard. The course also includes readings on hypertext theory and technique.

Writers in the Age of Postmodern Science: studies texts from Norbert Wiener, Jean François Lyotard, James Gleik, Don DeLillo, William Gibson, and Michael Joyce.

Introduction to Science, Technology and Culture: studies texts by Steve Woolgar, Larry McCaffery, Andrew Ross, K. Eric Drexler, Marshall McLuhan, James Gleick, William Gibson, and Bruce Sterling.

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