The Electronic Labyrinth

Writing and Reading Electronic Hypertexts

The hypertext writing environment presents many challenges to creative authors and adventurous readers. Topics of interest to those about to embark on the work of authoring include:

Structural Paradigms
Structural Conventions
Visual Representation of Nodes
Hyperbook Authoring Tasks
Copyright and Hypertext
The Programmer as Literary Artist
The Geometry of Authoring in Storyspace
Beginning and Ending a Hyperbook: Possibilities for Authors

Readers may wish to consider:

Readers of Hypertext
Difficulties with Reading Hypertext
Cognitive Overhead
Missing Context Clues

Conceptual considerations include:

The Rhetoric of Hypertext
Landow and the Politics of Connection
Computer Pedagogy and Composition
The Library of the Future: A New Electronic Canon
Connections Without Centre: Infinite Hypertext

No discussion of reading and writing electronic texts would be complete without mentioning the contributions of Vannevar Bush, Douglas Engelbart, and Ted Nelson.

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