The Electronic Labyrinth

Re-thinking the Book

The advent of hypertext provides an opportunity to re-think the relationship between narrative and the physical form of the book itself. To see the book as simply the vehicle, the neutral container of the writer's imaginative output, is to overlook the enormous impact which the very idea of the book has had on narrative from The Bible to the Postmodern Novel and even hypertext fiction itself.

Subjects of particular interest in this regard include:

The Book
The Book of Nature
The Bible
The End of the Book
Death of the Author
Readerly and Writerly Texts
The Novel
Realism and the Realist Novel
Modernism and the Modern Novel
Postmodernism and the Postmodern Novel
The Mystic Writing Pad
The Literature of Exhaustion
The New Novel
Marshall McLuhan and The Gutenberg Galaxy
Illumination and the Electronic Sign
The Rhetoric of Hypertext
Writing Space
Connections Without Centre: Infinite Hypertext

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