The Electronic Labyrinth


Judith Kerman's Migrations is a short series of graphic poems designed for the computer screen. Presented in slide show fashion, the poems consist of simple pictures or animation sequences. The low resolution of these "paintings" either adds to the charm or detracts from the impact, depending on the reader. Those who have used computers for a number of years will inevitably experience a nostalgia for the "good old days" of computer technology, when colour displays at CGA resolution were the norm. It should be noted that Migrations dates to 1987.

The poems themselves are either Kerman originals or adapations of other poets' work. For this reader, the jumbled tangle of "Father and Me" and the playful hopping of e.e. cummings' "Grasshopper" were most effective. However, it is difficult to see graphic poetry at this level of implementation as possessing anything but novelty value. This is perhaps why Kerman did not follow up on these early efforts.

Migrations may be read using any IBM-compatible computer with a colour monitor.

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