What is this quilt?

The quilt is your entryway into Sylvia's story. This is a "biographical" hypertext fiction using the quilt metaphor in form and function. Consisting of a patchwork quilt, (of the type made from scraps of material cut from clothing worn at different points in a person's life) the hypertext is set up so the user explores the life and mind of the central figure by moving either across the surface of the quilt or going beneath it and "dreaming." The project is accessed when the user "enters" the quilt by selecting a patch. The patch carries an episode in the life of the main character. From each patch is a link to adjacent patches as well as a "vertical" link to space "beneath" the quilt, where the user encounters the dreams dreamt under the quilt. The idea is that the hypertext medium allows one to experience the quilt (and become acquainted with its owner) as one might in reality - as hypertext follows conversation and thought patterns more closely than traditional books.

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