This night my Grandma doesn't have a face. What have I done? I am looking, looking everywhere, I cannot find it, I can't, I can't remember what it looks like! Your face is angry, or maybe just scared...

There are a lot of things here, moving things, I can sense the movement, I can hear their little footfalls.

In the dark

I am frightened can't you feel my heart beat? You are near me, come nearer.
Somewhere inside of me I am falling. I have been falling I think for a very long time. I don't think there is anyone to catch me I shall stop soon And finally, I am where she is. I look at the blankly staring face and slowly, deliberatley, the insect climbs out of an eye, an eye that doesn't blink.
I cannot scream. ...but I am sweating. There is an awful feeling in my stomach. I know they want to peel the skin from my arms, to roast me slowly, to explore my cavities, but I am alive......

Was it all a big lie?