I fly at great speed through the sky on the back of the dragon. "You must understand, I am not just any dragon," says He. It is true but I know this! And why has He called to me? I bury my face in his shining and can't face the question.

"When you are alone I am there, when you lack food I will nourish. When you are scared take my hand when you hide I still see you. You cannot get free so look into my face.

But when I life my had the dragon is gone, and I am in the Village Green with Ginny. She is laughing and I am drinking coke. Suddenly, the one called Biff takes a cigarette from his mouth and blows silver fire that scorches.

"You see, I am everywhere..."

Biff has great dragons in his eyes now but no one else seems to notice.

And I know I must go home