You're a weary traveler whose car has broken down. You're currently visiting Europe and at this point you don't even know which country you're in. Well, ok, so maybe you do, but you're too tired to remember.

It's been one of those vacations: 20 countries in ten days; your travel agent Marge set the vacation up for you. "Perfect for just one person," she said. "Yea, perfect alright," you think as you walk along a very dark street in the pouring rain. "Last vacation I ever book through you Marge honey.

Just when you're ready to give up hope and sleep on the side of the road, you see a clearing to your left in the woods.

It looks like a Cathedral, but most of the cathedrals you've been visiting have lots of little vendors running around trying to sell you plastic memorabilia of your visit. Not only are those little vendors absent, you're not in a city--you're in the middle of nowhere.

What's a cathedral doing here?

You think back to those ancient tales you've heard about old druid cathedrals that occasionally appear to the weary traveler, only to disappear when the traveler exits.

Could this be one?
Too tired to care you walk closer to the massive stone building.
All you want is a sheltered room to sleep in.

The gargoyle says: "Maximize your Browser..."

Copyright 1996 by Eva N. Juncker et al, all rights reserved
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