She wore black leather belts
which drew together at the waist
like medieval bodices and pulled
the blood-colored satin blouse
down to display plump breasts. She
was safely audacious in knee-high
boots with four-inch heels in narrow
velvet or leather skirts slit to
the hip or hemmed mid-thigh, wasp-
waisted corsets, heavy hoop earrings,
bangles, gypsy castanets, delicate
gold chains dangled about Her hips,
a jewel shining in Her navel above
the black lace underpants cut in
a cruel V to a narrow waist. She
had so many faces painted with red
or white lipstick or enhanced lashes
or a dark beauty spot carefully
placed near the corner of Her eye. She
disguised Herself as a hussy, a tart
or a trollop, and occassionally
as a harem dancer or Scheherazade.