Monuments and Dust

Monuments and Dust

London Times: 6 Mar 1850

City Improvements


Sir, -- Allow me to direct the attention of the city authorities, through the medium of your influential journal, to the fact that a plot of ground in now cleared, and about to be built upon again, which would make one of the most useful streets in the city of London. I allude to the ground cleared in Mincing-lane, reaching through (excepting by one house) to Great Eastcheap, in the corner by the church at the end of Rood-lane. Now, Sir, when so many stoppages take place in Mark-lane and Tower-street, this improvement should not be lost sight of, as by removing about two houses in Mincing-lane on the east side, and two on the west side on Mark-lane, a street could be made afterwards at a trifling expense, which would complete the street now making from St. Paul's to London-bridge, right through to the east of London, and thereby avoid the stoppages in Fenchurch-street, now so often occurring. The improvements I have suggested would avoid the necessity of widening Tower-street, which has been so long talked of.

I hope the City Improvement Committee will not neglect this opportunity at least to make inquiries about it, and thus satisfy