STC 312.5: The Secrets of Alexis [Trans. William Ward, Richard Androse]

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A1r: The Secrets of Alexis: Containing Many Excellent Remedies Against Divers Diseases, wounds,and other Accidents. London: Printed by Wiliam Stansby for Richard Meighen and Thomas Iones, and are to be sold at their shop without Temple-barre vnder S. Clements Church, 1615.

Q4r: The Second part of the Se-|crets of Maister [swash `A']lexis. of Pie-|mont, by him collected out of diuers excel-|lent Authors, and now newly corrected | and augmented | By William Ward. | [orn "alx03"] | [rule 91] | Printed at London by W. Stansby, | [swash `A']nno Dom. 1614.

2B7r: The third part of the Se-|crets of the reuerend Maister | [swash `A']lexis of Piemont, by him Collec-|ted out of diuers Excellent | AVTHORS. | By William Warde>. | [orn "alx03"] | LONDO[swash `N'] | Printed by William Stansby. | 1614.

2M2r: The fourth part of the Se-|crets of ALEXIS of Piemont, contai-|ntaining sixe undred fourscore and odde | experimented medicines, pertaining to physick and | Chirurgerie, long time practised by him, and in his | latter daies published to an vniuersall benefit, hauing | vntill that time reserued it only to himselfe, as a | most priuate and pretious | JEWEL. | Translated out of Italian into English, by | RICHARD ANDROSE. | [orn "alx03"] | LONDO[swash `N'] | Printed by William Stansby. | 1614.

Collation: 4o in 8's: A-2H8 2I4 2K-2Z8. Signed $1-4; foliated, not paginated.

Type: 20ll = 82.5, black letter, with roman headings.

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