STC 7396: Daniel Dyke, Certain Comfortable Sermons Upon the 114th Psalm.

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CERTAINE | COMFORTABLE | SERMONS VPON | THE CXXIV. PSALME. | Tending to stirre vp Thankefulnesse> | for our Deliuerance from the late | Gunpowder-Treason: | Preached before the Lady ELIZABETH | Her Grace>, At Combe>: | [rule 94] | By DANIEL DIKE, Preacher of | the Word of GOD. | [rule 87] | PSAL. 18. 50. | Great deliuerances giueth he vnto his King, and sheweth mercy | to his Anointed, euen to David, and to his seed for euer. | PSAL. 102. 18. | This shalbe written for the generation to come, and the people | which shalbe created, shall praise the Lord. | Seene and allowed. | [rule 88] | LONDON: | printed by William Stansby, for henry Fetherstone, | dwelling in Pauls Church-yard at the signe | of the Rose. 1617.

Collation: 4o: A-E4 F-I8 K4


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