STC 16834: The French Kings Declaration

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The French Kings Declaration Against the Dukes of Vendosme and Mayenne, The Marshall of Bouillon, the Marques of Coeuure, the President le Iay, and all who assist them. Verified in the Covrt of Parliament the 13. of February, 1617. Stilo Nouo. London: Printed for Wiliam Barret.

Collation: 4o: A-F4 [$1-3 signed]


Leaves C1-D3 appear in STC 11258 (France) with numbering intact for gathering C, and Gathering D resigned 'E' and numbering removed. D3r shows definite signs of revision & additions, while there are sporadic corrections throughout. Sequence is probably STC 16834 printed first, with C1-D3 left standing and reimposed for STC 11258. Note correction on p. 15, l.4, "powre" to "power".

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