STC 17944: John Minsheu, The Guide into the Tongues

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John Minsheu, The Guide into the tongues. By the Industrie, Studie, Labour, and the charges of Iohn Minshue Published and Printed. Anno 1617. Cum Gratia & Priuilegio Regiae Maiestatis, & vendibiles extant Londini, apud Ioannem Browne Bibliopolam in vico vocato little Brittaine. | And are to be sold at Iohn Brownes shop a Booke-Seller in little Brittaine in London.

John Minsheu, Vocabvlarivm Hispanicolatinvmet. By the Studie, Labour, Industrie, and at the Charges of Iohn Minshev Published and Printed. | And are to be sold at Iohn Brownes shope a Bookebinder in little Brittaine in London [1617?]

Note: Some t-ps include variant imprint reading "And are to be =old at [blank]."

Collation: 2o in 6s: [pi]4 A6 2A- 2Y6 2Z2, [xi]2 3A-P6 3Q2.


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