STC 19512: Henry Peacham, A most true relation of the affaires of Cleve and Gulick.

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A MOST TRVE | RELATION OF | THE AFFAIRES | OF CLEVE AND | GVLICK, | As also | Of all what hath passsed this last sum-|mer, since the most Excellent and Victorious Prince, | MAVRICE of NASSAV, tooke the field with his | Armie, encamping before Reese in Cleueland: and | the losse of Wesel, taken in by the Marques | SPINOLA: | Vnto the breaking vp of our Armie | in the beginning of December | last past. 1614. | With the Articles of the | Peace, propounded at | SANTEN. | By Henrie Peacham. | Creditis avectos hostes?-- | --Sic notus Vlysses? | [rule xxx] | LONDON, | Printed by W. Stansby for Iohn Helme, and are to be sold | at his shop in Saint Dunstanes Church-yard, vnder | the Diall. 1615.

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