Watermarks from Large Paper Used By William Stansby in the Jonson Folio

Watermarks provide crucial evidence for the bibliographical analysis of early modern book production, for they help identify lots of paper moving through a printing shop. The watermarks displayed below offer a representative, low-resolution image taken from paper used in the production of the Jonson folio of 1616. Each one is linked to further information on the paper from which it was taken, including chainline and wireline measurements, distribution of the paper group in Stansby's 1615-1617 output, and a high-resolution .tif image of the same mark.

For further information on watermark reproduction, enhancement and analysis, see "Pictures for the Page."

Note: All watermark images are mould-side perspective.

Note: This page is still under construction.

Group P-1
Group P-2
Group P-3
Group R-1 Group R-2
Group R-3 Group R-4
Group R-5
Group X

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