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    Then write upon the gelatine with ordinary black ink and expose to the light.
    The ink will prevent the light from acting upon the gelatine under the writing but everywhere else an insoluble compound will be formed.
    Place the whole in warm water + the gelatine under the writing will be dissolved out leaving the metal surface below bare.

  1. A similar idea. Albuminize and sensitize a metal plate with Bichromate and proceed as in Experiment 2.
Noted April 7th 1876 by A.G.B.
Copied April 8th 1876 by M.G.H.

Monday April 10th 1876

  1. Tried whether bronze-ink would form a conducting surface. Bought what is known as "Chinese Metallic ink." Morse sounder gave no signal through it nor was galvanometer needle affected.

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