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  1. Armature vibrated in front of electro-magnet produced undulatory current. Experiment to try vice versa. Electro-magnet T fastened to a support as in Fig 2 placed upon the sounding board S of a parlor-organ. The armature A placed upon a membrane M, which had been damped. When a note of the organ was sounded the magnet T was forced to vibrate to + from A. The result unsatisfactory. It seemed as if the unison of the note played on the organ came from the Receiver R ­ but how much was reality + how much fancy cannot say. This experiment must be repeated with organ in one room + R in another.
  2. When S' was pressed against the pole p of its magnet it remained attracted. When p + S' were forced apart a sudden click was heard. This click seemed to have quite a metallic ring

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