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Tuesday Feb. 22d 1876

  1. Double-pole transmitter
    No sound audible at R.

  2. Same arrangement as (1) but a steel spring (S)Reed Receiver held closely against R. A sound audible similar to that heard from the core of an electro-magnet when an intermittent current of voltaic electricity is passed through the coils of the magnet. When the steel-spring was held close against but not absolutely touching the core of the electro-magnet the curious crackling noise became a pure musical note.

  3. Same arrangement as (1) but an Morse armature ordinary Morse-sounder armature was laid upon R. Results similar to those stated in (2) save that the sounds were not so loud.

  4. clamped armature Same arrangement as in (3) save that the armature A was clamped firmly to B and touched R. No sound audible.

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