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    Simple Flame Galvanometer

    de la Rive states that flames change their shapes when brought near the poles of an electro-magnet. If this is so a vibratory current of electricity should impart a vibratory motion to the flame placed near to the poles of an electro-magnet on circuit.

    Fig 5 shows one form of Flame-galvanometer for the Undulatory current. The flame F is merely placed between the poles S, N of an electro- magnet or circuit.

    New Transmitters

    Figs 6 and 7 show new experimental transmitter consisting of a sounding-board upon which is the coil (C). A permanent magnet NS is supported in a block of india-rubber (I) It is presumed that a sound made near the sounding board will set it in vibration -- that the coil I will vibrate with it and that the inductive action of the magnet NS will occasion electrical undulations in the coil.

    Noted February 23d 1876
    by A. Graham Bell

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