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Flame Traces Continuing the pressure until the spring S was pinned between p and M the waves became successively c and d.
Manometric Side View
  1. The capsule was opened and a steel spring SS (Figs 3 + 4) held across the membrane m. Intermittent current passed through H. Cylinder C allowed to touch spring S S. Flame curves like those shown in d (Fig 2) made this appearance.
    Manometric End View Similar curves were seen when a small piece of steel spring S (Fig 5) was glued to the centre of the membrane m and subjected to the action of the cylinder c (Fig 3).
    Manometric End View The instrument was finally arranged for experiment as in [PrevPage] [Next] [INDEX ]  Volume 1   24 Feb. 1876    Page 31  [Source] [ NOTES ]