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    The armature of C vibrated with a visible amplitude of about one eighth of an inch - and the sound resulting from its vibration was audible all over the room.


  1. A coil of high resistance(R) was placed in the circuit as shown in Fig.2. The resistance of R was probably about 250 ohms - while the resistance of M was only 1/2 ohm. Battery four cells.
    The sound was perfectly audible from M although the motion of the armature was not visible.

  2. Spiral Dip

  3. Spiral points to the wire bridge. Sound at M rather feebler than in Exp. 1. (see Fig 3)

  4. Arrangement as in Fig 3. Sound audible from M when the current was passed through high resistance as in Fig 2.
  5. Spiral connected with C pole speedily dissolved. Wire connected

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