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    March 24th 1876


    1. Tuning fork, f, vibrated against a moistened cloth, e, placed on platinum foil, P.
      The sound of f was mechanically conducted to R so that I could not be sure ofthe result. I do not think that there was any audible effect at R due to electrical action.

    2. Foil

    3. Observed that two pieces of platinum foil, PP', appeared to attract one another when placed upon circuit as in Fig 2 especially when they corner of one was presented to the other. When they were brought into contact they adhered and when one was pulled the other followed for some distance before it was separated. I could not make the two pieces of platinum foil PP' adhere when the battery was disconnected.

    4. The joints PP' were brought into contact so as to make them adhere. The circuit was then broken. P + P' continued

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