File names and Linking Hints

All files are found in the directory structure beginning with which actually corresponds to /data1/ip/ctwardy/www/ on the machine called (either lux or veritasby its friends). Select this text for a look at the directories (you will need to use your browser's backup feature to return here.)

HTML files for volume 1 are in the directory AGB/V1/. Page-scans are in: .../AGB/V1/pages/ and figures are in .../AGB/V1/figs/. Notes files (such as they are) are in AGB/V1/notes. See naming scheme below.

The file names for the transcribed pages (the ones in HTML code) are of the form: v1p2.html where v1 means "Volume 1" and pn is page number n. Similarly, the figures are of the form v1p3f5.gif where the number of the figure is the number Bell gave it on that page. It does not necessarily mean the nth figure on that page. (For instance, v1p2f4.gif is the second figure on page 2, but the 4th figure in Bell's entry for that date.) Bell restarts his numbers by date. Occasionally, Bell did not label the figure in which I have matched it as obviously as possible, meaning I gave it the next number in the series. Also, in the one case (page 82) where there are two "Fig. 1" on one page,. The first is v1p82f1.gif, and the second is v1p82f1a.gif.

A complete link to page 23 would look like: though I suggest you may wish to link to the table of contents or highlights pages. (.../AGB/toc.html and .../AGB/highlights.html)

The notes files use a slightly different naming format. They are simply called by page number, as in: p3.html, in the notes directory. This is to avoid confusing the page file with its notes file, since they are both .html -- more of a problem for those of us editing them repeatedly than anyone accessing!

It is NOT RECOMMENDED to try linking directly to the notes files!! They may not be there! Sometimes it is more appropriate for the notes icon to take the reader straight to the corresponding U.Va. page, and I have done so in a couple of spots. You have been warned.

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