Help with the Notebooks

There are several ways to get around the notebooks. You may use the Table of Contents and move directly to the desired date and/or page, and skim along this way. You may also begin with the Table of Contents and then use the [ PREV. ] and [ NEXT ] Icons on the button-bars on each page. You may return to the Table of Contents from any page by choosing [ T.O.C. ], the Table-of-Contents icon. You may return to the HomePage by choosing [ HOME ].

For an overview of interesting pages, use the Highlights page instead of the Table of Contents. This pared-down version gives a faster introduction to major steps along Bell's progress towards the telephone and autograph telegraph.

Interesting notes are available for some pages, and can be accessed with the [ NOTES ] icon. Some pages do not yet have any notes featured, though the link may still be active. In this case it will take you to a message page.

On many pages there are references to figures which do not appear on that page. These references should all be hotlinked to the page on which that figure does appear. If you jump to a figure in this manner, you are now on that page of the notebook. In order to return to where you were, you should use your browser's "backup" or "leftarrow" button to backtrack your steps. It is not easy for us to provide a convenient return button because there are many places you could have come from. (Currently, you have to use the same mechanism to return from Notes pages.)

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