American Solar Network:
Management and Founder


The management team currently fills three of six key positions«s needed for the first year of expanded operation and includes inventor Al C. Rich, the founder and President of ASN. Mr. Rich is an internationally recognized solar water heating expert with 17 years of solar experience. He has over 22 years of management and leadership experience and a proven track record which includes being the top producing Regional Sales Manager in the nation for Sears Solar. He has lead ASN to be selected as one of the 100 Fastest Growth Companies by The Business Journal. (SEE SECTION IV, FOUNDER and COMPANY)

Paul N. Israel, with ten years of experience in alternative energy marketing, serves as Vice President of Market Development and spearheads opening national markets. Paul is currently opening the Oregon Utility market. Paul also has studied international marketing and has a keen interest in that area.

Andrew Gluck, an MBA and energy economist, has served as a Vice President. Andy was instrumental in writing quality proposals and developing Utility plans. Andy worked tirelessly to launch ASN on the east coast where he still resides and acts as our Washington, DC and east coast liaison.

ASN also makes good use of its advisors, and has highly qualified consultants in marketing, legal, financial, technical, and management areas, in addition to the large technical and manufacturing staff, most of whom are currently employed at our Carmichael, California headquarters facility. Negotiations to find a strong, ASN specific, General Manager, Operations Manager and International Sales Manager with a proven track record will proceed upon funding Major equity investors are welcome to have input into the hiring of all key individuals. It is anticipated that a major equity investor will have one of five board seats.


MR. ALBERT CLARK RICH has been active in the solar field for over 17 years. He was a highly successful manager long before becoming an inventor. Mr. Rich has demonstrated the highest level of creative and practical problem solving in the solar thermal field. He was the first to recognize the great opportunities available in the solar water heating industry for truly lowcost and attractive water heaters. He acted « that recognition by introducing major improvements and Patented innovations to the field and his innovative expertise has been internationally recognized. He received a greatly prized National "Energy Related Inventions Program" Grant in Sept. of 1993 in recognition of his work.

Over the last 18 years Mr. Rich has gained extensive experience in the design, installation, sales, and service of solar thermal water heaters. During this time he established a notable national leadership reputation as a top manager and contractor, consultant, and speaker to many national and international energy organizations including the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA), U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), Sandia National Laboratory (SANDIA), Rockwell International's Energy Technology Engineering Center and the Solar Energy Research Institute (SERI). He has been the feature of dozens of newspaper articles, has appeared on radio and TV programs, and has been a frequent lecturer on the Inventive Process and Entrpreneurship.

As the founding District Manager for SEARS Solar Systems, Herndon Virginia, Mr. Rich built the top producing sales branch in the United States with a $2.5 million annual volume. In that position, he trained and managed 53 employees including salespeople, telemarketers, canvassers, installation crews, managers and office personnel.

In 1979 he founded ACRICH & SUN, a solar sales, installation and service company which is still in operation today. Commencing in 1985, the majority of his work over the next 3 years focused primarily on service. It was through this hands on experience and the lack of availability of lowcost and attractive solar water heaters which in 1987 caused Mr. Rich to become convinced that he had to design and build a marketable system himself. Actual work on the new system started in early 1988 under ACRICH & SUN. On February 2, 1989 he incorporated ASN to develop and manufacture the solar "SKYLITE" water heater.

On June 5, 1990, Mr. Rich was awarded a patent inclusive of 15 claims on the collector's valve. The ASN collector has been fully tested and certified by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and by the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC).

ASN was awarded a demonstration grant by the State of New Hampshire which resulted in a National DOE Award for Energy Innovation. A DOE grant from the "Energy Related Inventions Program" of almost $ 100,000 was awarded in Sept. 1993. A second Patent on his passive venting feature was allowed in Sept. 1994. Mr. Rich is an invited speaker on Inventions under a grant from the National Science Foundation. Today, as a result of his work, ASN has been recognized as one of the California Capitol areas 100 Fastest Growing Companies and ASN is poised for rapid growth into the world solar market.

Please see Al Rich's Solar Resume (Appendix) for further details.