Rossetti Archive Staff Resources

Quick Links and Reference Guides

Imaging Resources
Image Production Record Database (IPROD)
Image Scanning and Processing Procedures

Looking for in-house resouces and references?
Please see the /jefferson/jjm2f/tools/ directory for the following:

Tagging Resources

  • tags.defined.txt: a comprehensive list of all Rossetti Archive XML tags and their attributes
  • tagging.resources.doc: instructions on tagging and reference guide, including:
    • Rendering options
    • Internal links
    • Valid Title attributes
    • Valid div types
  • character.entities.xls: reference sheet for unicode for special characters
  • Proofing checklists for RADS, RAPS, RAWS

House Style and Document Formatting details including

  • dating standards
  • citations and bibliography
  • titles
  • punctuation and spelling
  • RAP Standards
  • RAD Formatting FAQ

Publishing Procedures and "Making Book"
(to come)

Staff Contacts
Staff schedule for Summer 2006 (to come)
Contact information (to come)
IATH help desk: