ENWR 101 / Section 6

Final Project

Fall 1995

University of Virginia

Once Upon a Time in the Eighties

A Collaborative Hypertext

Ronald Reagan Ollie North Cindy Lauper MTV Michael Jackson Gorbachev Larry Bird Goonies Magic Johnson Challenger Punkie Brewster Ricky Schroeder Def Leppard Family Ties Cosby Show Alf Fox Network Run-DMC Back to the Future Break Dancing Jelly SHoes Heavy Metal Rap New Wave Nike Atari VCRs Yuppies Baby Boomers Iran Tricke Down Economics Bueller "Just Say No" Adam Welsch John Lennon Live AID "We are the World" Ethiopia Baby Jessica Black Monday Gerladine Ferraro Dukasis Freddy Kreuger Pat Benatar Jim and Tammy Eddie Murphy SNL Gilda Olympics Carl Lewis Mary Lou Retton Parachute pants Billy Joel Cocaine Chappezios Members Only Condos Miami Vice Cats Lotto Constituional Centennial Pete Rose Berlin Wall Libya Computers He-Man Cabbage Patch/Garbage Pail Kids Charm Braceets Cavarazzi Stone Wash Jeans San Francisco Earthquake Greneda jogging AIDS Breafast Club

This will be a research project to which all members of the class will contribute. When complete, it will be published on the World Wide Web.


Tuesday, Nov. 7th: Hand in a formal statement of your topic, and of your thesis statement.

Thursday, Nov 9th: Hand in an Annotated Bibliography of your source materials.

Tuesday, Nov. 14th: First Draft.

Tuesday, Nov. 21st: Second Draft.

Tuesday, Dec, 5th: Final Revision.

Eighties Links

Spiral Into the Eighties with Jeff

The Good, the Bad, and the Cheezy of the 80s

Chunky G's 1980s Web Pages

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