ENWR 101 / Section 6

Writing Assignments

Fall 1995

University of Virginia

Assignment One: The Diagnostic Essay
Assignment Two: CyberPorn or JournoPorn?
Assignment Three: Reading and Writing in a Digital Age
Assignment Four: Personal Narrative
Final Project: Once Upon a Time in the Eighties

Assignments for the course consist of four essays, and a paper for the class's final project. Each of the first four essays will be written in both an initial (or draft) version and in a second (or revised) version. The final project will be drafted, revised, and then revised a second time. You will therefore hand in a total of eleven written items for the semester.

The initial version of an essay is not a "rough" or an unfinished draft. Rather, it must contain a fully-developed thesis with supporting arguments and examples arranged in a logical structure, and be free from spelling or other mechanical errors. The revision must be a substantial rewriting of your earlier work--not a superficial polishing. Revisions that do not display significant and thoughtful changes to the original essay will not receive credit. Changes should be made based upon both my comments and those of your classmates, as well as your own continued thinking about your writing. When you turn in a revision, always include the draft with it. I will not read a revision without its accompanying draft.

All papers must be at least 600 to 800 words long (about 2 and 1/2 to 4 pages). All papers must also be typed, double-spaced, stapled, pledged, and have numbered pages. In addition to the printed copy of your essay, you must also have an up-to-date copy of it saved on your disks, so we can work on it during class.

Because the computers in the classroom are all PCs running WordPerfect 6.1, all your work must ultimately be done in this form. You're welcome to use a Mac or another word processing package at home, but you must accept responsibility for converting your work into WordPerfect for Windows before coming to class.

Note: The computers in the classroom are able to read and convert files written in WordPerfect 5.1, which is what the computers in Clemons and Cocke hall use. But, if you plan to use those machines, be sure you remember to save any work you do in the classroom here as a WordPerfect 5.1 file; otherwise the computers in Clemons and Cocke hall won't be able to read it.

Draft Due: Tuesday, September 5th.
Revision Due: Tuesday, September 12th.

Draft Due: Thursday, October 5th.
Revision Due: Tuesday, October 17th.


For Tues., Sept. 26th.

For Thurs., Sept. 28th.

For Tues., Oct. 3rd.

Write a personal narrative that revolves around an event or realization that constitutes a significant turning point in your life. Your topic should be something that's happened to you recently (within the last year or so), and, although a formal thesis and argument is not required, your essay should contain a message or moral that makes it relevant to others beside your self.

Draft Due: Tuesday, October 24th.
Revision Due: Tuesday, October 31th.

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