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Town and Grounds

University of Virginia
University of Virginia Library
Library Hours
English Department
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
Electronic Text Center
The Multimedia Resource Center at the University of Virginia
The Book Arts Press at the University of Virginia
Charlottesville On-Line
Monticello Avenue Virtual Village
Hyperville: Charlottesville, Virginia Information & Resources
McGuffey ABC
The Weather Channel - Charlottesville, VA
NBC 29 Weather
The Gus


People at the University of Virginia
Phil Agre
Joe Amato
Dan Ancona
Randy Bass
Richard Bear
Charles Bernstein
Hakim Bey
Todd Blayone
Jay David Bolter
Marc Bousquet
David M. Chittum
Finnie Coleman
Kathryn Cramer
Margaret Croskery
Johanna Drucker
Paul N. Edwards
Adam Ferrari
Al Filreis
Neil Fraistat
Chris Funkhouser
William Gibson's Yard Sale
ęCarnographies: Rob Hardin
Terry Harpold
Mark Humphrys
Michele Ierardi
Eric Johnsone
Paul Jones
Steven E. Jones
Michael Joyce
Eduardo Kac
Nancy Kaplan's Kitchen
Seth Katz
Robert Kendall
Melissa Kennedy
George P. Landow
Jaron Lanier
John Lavagnino
Timothy Leary
Tom Lukas
Jack Lynch
Willard McCarty
Jerome McGann
Brad Mehlenbacher
Hans Moravec
Stuart Moulthrop
Zachary Munzenrider
Greg Murray
Jim O'Donnell
Marjorie Perloff
Rosalind (Roz) Picard
David Porush
Allen Renear
Howard Rheingold's Brainstorms
Jim Rosenberg
Tom Scanlan
Pheobe Sengers
Welcome to my Casbah (David Siegel)
La Casa de Silver [David Silver]
Martha Nell Smith
Carl Stahmer
Andrew Stauffer
Sandy Stone
John Tolva's Hypertext :: Renaissance
Catherine Tousignant
Greg Ulmer
John Unsworth
Joseph Viscomi
Dona Yarbrough
The International Kershenbaum Home Page

Events and Organizations

CFPs from Penn
Espen's Conference (Aug. 15)
ACH/ALLC 1999 (Virginia)
Learning On Line '98
Hypertext 98
State of the Arts: Production, Reception and Teaching in a Digital World Conference
NYU Hypertext Prize
ACH Sessions at the 1997 MLA Convention
Twentieth-Century Literature Conference
Envisioning the Future: Multimedia Conference
Media In Transition
Digital Resources for the Humanities 97
ACH-ALLC 97 Conference
Hypertext 97 Conference
Mixed Messages
SLS '97 Welcome
SLS '96 Conference Brochure and Abstract Collection Main Page
Society for Literature & Science
Internet 1996 World Exposition
The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Voters Telecommunications Watch
Association for Computers and the Humanities
The Alliance for Computers and Writing
The Graduate Student Caucus
Graduate English Students Association (GESA)
MLA on the Web
NEMLA Homepage
ASGS, the Association for Support of Graduate Students
SUNYA English Department
UI English Dept. Home Page
University of Rochester English Department

Journals and Courses

Postmodern Culture
Archive - Postmodern Culture
Studies in Bibliography
electronic book review
Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life
media ecology
The Little Magazine Homepage
Passages: A Technopoetics Journal
The Stanford Electronic Humanities Review
The Electronic Visual Arts Journal
Computers & Texts
Computers and the Humanities
D-Lib Magazine
The Electronic Library
Project MUSE (Johns Hopkins)
Academe This Week
World3 - the ezine for web designers
Prose & Its Malcontents (Bernstein, SUNY Buffalo, S98)
Textual Conditions (Bernstein, SUNY Buffalo, Fall 1997)
ENSP 981: Hypertext Theory
Visual Semiotics: an IATH Seminar
ENTC 312: Syllabus
ENSP481: Theory and Practice of Hypertext (Fall 1996)
ENSP 982 (Fall 1995): Discourse Networks
ENSP 482 (Spring 1996): Theory and Practice of Hypertext
ENNC 986 (Spring 1995): The Pre-Raphaelite Movement
ENSP 482 (Spring 1995): Theory and Practice of Hypertext
ENTC 312: 20th-Century American Literature

Reference and Media

MLA Bibliography: Welcome
The Oxford English Dictionary
The Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory & Criticism
Encyclopedia Britannica Online
The Virtual Reference Desk
Publishers' Catalogues Home Page
Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences
The University of Michigan Press
SUL: Copyright & Fair Use
UVa Guide to Scholarly Publishing on the Web
University Microfilms Inc.
The Whole Internet Catalog
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library
The Library of Congress
National Center for Education Statistics
Associated Press Wire
Lingua Franca
University Homepages (Yahoo)
The Cavalier Daily
The Dec
C-VILLE Weekly
The Daily Progress
NPR On-Line
Salon Magazine
The Electronic Newsstand
NASSR-L Archives
IATH Lists

Humanities Indices

The Voice of the Shuttle
The English Server at CMU
IATH Related Readings
PMC's List of Related Readings
Scholarly English Resources (UVa Library)
Theory and Culture from Marist
Postmodern Thought from Colorado
American Studies Web
Welcome to EDSITEment!
Palinurus: The Academy and the Corporation
A Yellow Wood: Careers for Humanities PhDs

Humanities Computing and Computer-Assisted Teaching

American Studies at The University of Virginia
The Text Encoding Initiative
Text Theory and Coding Practice: Assessing the TEI.
Humanist Discussion Group
H-Net, Humanities OnLine
Scholarly Technology Group (Brown)
Humanities Text Initiative (Mich)
Electronic Publishing Centre (Toronto)
Humanities Computing Unit (Oxford)
Academic Computing Facility | Specialties | Humanities
AHDS: Homepage
Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London
Center for Electronic Texts in the Humanities (Princeton & Rutgers)
Center for Electronic Projects in American Culture (Georgetown)
American Studies Electronic Crossroads (Georgetown)
CCT Program, Georgetown University
Georgia Tech (LCC)
CHANT: Creative Humanities Applications in New Technologies (Maryland)
Welcome to Thunder Road: A Web Authoring Collective at the University of Maryland, College Park
Publications Design & CREW (Baltimore)
Project Bartleby (Columbia)
CH Working Papers
W. McCarty, "What is humanities computing?"
Humanities Computing Repository
Teaching Literature With Computers
Resource Center for Cybercultural Studies
Cybersoc: Resources for the Cyber-Sociologist
SiliconBase Main Menu
Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
Overview of electronic publication
Information Technology in Humanities Scholarship. . . (ACLS Occasional Paper No. 37)
Educom Review
Computing and the Humanities (ACLS Occasional Paper No. 41)
Guidelines for Web Publishing (Alan Rea)
Computer Writing and Research Labs (UT Austin)
Diversity University
eworks (UIC)
Teaching and Technology Initiative (UVa)
LCCweb :: The School of Literature, Communication and Culture
AS@UVA: Virtual Space -- Actual Learning
Professional Recognition: The Text-Raising
Composition in Cyberspace
Classroom Applications of Educational Technology
Teaching w/ Electronic Technology
Writing for the World
CWRL Classroom Connections Message Forum
CIRLA Web Site Page
The SGML Web Page
ACH/ALLC tagteam
The Rossetti Archive (Michigan)

Hardware, Software, and Networked Toys

Creating Net Sites
Macromedia: Information
Welcome to RealAudio !
Realistic Sound Experience (RSX) for the Internet
Kai's Power Tips and Tricks for Photoshop
Java: Programming for the Internet
JavaScript Authoring Guide
Matt's Script Archive
Liquid Reality
MediaLoom: A Framework for Interactive Narrative
Hyper-G FAQ
HyTime User's Group Home Page
Automatic Site Markup Language
WEBSOM - A novel SOM-based approach to free-text mining
The One-Stop Windows 95 Site
Welcome to Gateway 2000
Point Communications Corp. Review
Data Fellows Ltd's Virus Information Pages
The Bandwidth Conservation Society
alt.spam FAQ or "Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts".
Submit It!
Hex Colors (White Background)
Background Colors
DMS Guide to Color for the Web
Introduction to Imaging
Fefe's Transparency Page
NeslonNet[tm] - Decoder-a-go-go!
The Electric Postcard
PARC External Page
Internet Archive: Building a Digital Library for the Future
Why America Online Sucks
Internet Weather Report
W3C Technical Reports and Publications

Poetry and Print
MX BookFinder: Search for Out of Print and Used Books
Electronic Poetry Center at Buffalo
Internet Poetry Archive
Welcome to the Book Arts Web
Books: Ton Cremers and Marian Beereboom
Granary Books
Eyebeam List
Jacket magazine homepage
Emigre Magazine
Sun & Moon Press
O Books
SPDBooks Home Page
Moe's Bookstore
Peter Straub's Official Homepage
BLUE WHALE BOOKS bibliography printing typography bookbinding illustration marbling paper papermaking calligraphy paleography books about books
Offset Printing as a Creative Medium
Visible Language
Type Writer [Michael Worthington]
tech90s: Sawad Brooks
Mixing Messages
komninos's site (cyberpoetry)
Modern Fine Printing
Graphion's Online Type Museum
Welcome to the nGDa
The Classic Typewriter Page
UbuWeb Visual/Concrete Poetry
CyberPoetics of Typography
Qwerty Arts
Jim Andrews: Visual Poetry
Visual Voices
Light & Dust Poets at GRIST On-Line
Men With Coins
A Humument Home Page
from "For Larry Eigner" by Robert Grenier - Karl Young, introduction, at Light and Dust
Kid A In Alphabet Land: A Trading Card Set Dealing With Jacques Lacan
"ASCII Alphabet"
Cigarette Boy
Chank Fonts
david carson in the net
David Carson workshop
La page OuLiPo
Electro Magnetic Poetry
The Artist's Book in Electronic Media

Textual Studies and Blake

TEXT Reviews
Guidelines for Electronic Scholarly Editions: Introduction
Lyrical Ballads Bicentenary Project
ESE exchange on critical editing/electronic archives
The TEI-L/TEI-TECH shadow archive
Introduction - Time and Bits
The Toils of Los
Blake's "The Four Zoas" Fetishized: An Experimental Hypertext

Alternative Nation

Mark/Space: Homepage
The Blue Arm: A Nonprofit Digital Arts Organization
Future Culture Pages
electric minds | home
CybpherAnthology Proposal
Sonic Outlaws
oblivion is the only cure for agony
Art Crimes
| 100 | Options | Directory [JODI.ORG]
Survival Research Laboratories
R.U. Sirius' Mutate Project
synergy network VISIONS, here is where the future starts -
neoprimitive art assault
Jenny Holzer's Truisms
Jennifer Hoyt--Undergraduate Thesis
Heiko Idensen
Joseph Nechvatal
The Burning Man Archives
Situationniste Internationale Archive
The Fluxus Home Page
Avant-Pop Manifesto
WebDiva's InfoCenter
Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
The John Gotti Tribute Page
The Simpsons Archive - List of Inquiries and Substantive Answers
Frye Island Home Page

Hypertext Literature & Theory

A Short History of the Internet
A Hypermedia Timeline
As We May Think
Project Xanadu
Memex and Beyond Web Site
Hypertext and Literary Things
Archives of ht_lit
Eastgate Systems
Hyperizons: Hypertext Fiction
Hypermedia Poetry Webs (C. Funkhouser)
__E__ / poem for html
The Electronic Labyrinth
City of Bits (Mitchell)
The Cybertext page (Aarseth)
Modern Fiction Studies, Volume 43 - Table of Contents
Hypertext at Brown
Hypertext Hotel, Front Desk
Tree fiction on the World Wide Web
Brown University Storyspace Cluster
The Cyberspace and Critical Theory Web
Webliography of Discursive Hypertext [Doug Brent]
Poetics of Hypertext: Introduction
The Mola Web
Twelve Blue: Michael Joyce
The E-Ville Dialogues
No Dead Trees, The Interactive Novel
253 - interactive novel home
The New River
Alan Sondheim: The Internet Text
About the Mirrorshades Conference
Consumptive Writing
Computer Generated Writing
Shadoof Home Page (John Cayley)
The Politics of the Artificial
Machine Made of Words...
a construction site [computer-generated writing]
Hypertext and Poetry
John Cayley
Towards A Furious Philosophy of the Discrete
Living in Hypertext [John December]
TechNoCulture Discussion on Hypertext
Moulthrop Keynote Full Text
Liu on Cyberpunk
Liu (The New Knowledge)
critique of afternoon
Wired critique
Useful WWW Sites on Hypertext
The Hypertext Review
CNN - Hyperfiction: plot at a click of the mouse - Mar. 18, 1998
Cyberspace Report [audio files]
Hypertext Theory As If the WWWeb Matters
Hypertext and Hypermedia Bibliography
Hypertext and Hypermedia: A Select Bibliography
Network-Based Electronic Publishing of Scholarly Works: A Selective Bibliography
Electronic Text: Selective Annotated Bibliography

Cognitive Science & Other Fuzzy Topics

Artificial Intelligence Subject Index (NRC-CNRC)
Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Stevan Harnad Archive
The History of Computing
Computing Dictionary
Pre-History of Cognitive Science
Celebrities in Cognitive Science
Cognitive & Psychological Sciences
Mind/Brain Resources from VaTech
Alan Turing - Home Page
Principia Cybernetica
The Robot Group Home Page
Entropy on the Web
Fuzzy Logic Archvie
Project McLuhan
The Media History Project
Bruce Sterling's Dead Media Project
Dead Media Info
Dead Media Repository
MIT Media-Lab
Things That Think-MIT Media Lab
MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
The MIT Press
The Closed World (Edwards)
Books on the Social Aspects of Computing
CSLI / Stanford University
alma - Scores of the unfinished thought
Suns 'n' Roses: The Web of Time
dead linguistic tokens and unrepeatable events (Don Byrd)
The Santa Fe Institute
Introduction to Shape Shifter
Of Man, Mind and Machine: Meme-Based Models of Mind and the Possibility for Consciousness in Alternate Media


WAXWEB 2.0: Interactive 3D Cinema on the Web

Interface and Visualization

The Geography of Cyberspace
Human Interface Technology Lab Home Page
Language Visualization (Cornell)
Index of /Visualization/contrib/cs490-95to96/tonyg/
Artificial Intelligence and Visual Design at the Visible Language Workshop
Mirror Worlds Technologies, Inc.
Lifestreams Project Home Page
Visual Web - English
Visualizing the Structure of the World Wide Web in 3D Hyperbolic Space
Webspace Visualization
Internet: Maps of the Internet
thought > shockwave interfaces
NII Internet Map
Internet Web Text Cyber Atlas
Stephen G. Eick -- Network Visualization Images
Visualization Study of the NSFNET
Matrix Information and Directory Services, Inc. (MIDS)
WebSoft: Building a Global Software Engineering Environment
About CLRMosaic
Computer Screens and the Graphic Arts
Art and the User Interface (TABLE OF CONTENTS)
The Usefulness of Aesthetics: Art as Interface Design
Metaphors we compute by: bringing magic into interface design
IBM Systems Journal - Vol. 35, No. 3&4: MIT Media Lab (HTML)
Computers Visualized
Electronic Visualization Laboratory
InfoVis '95 Program
ECHT94 Workshop on Spatial Metaphors - Position Papers
Graphics, Visualization, and Usability Center Research
The CAVE : A Virtual Reality Theater
Auditory Bread Crumbs for Naviating Volumetric Data (CAVE)
Sandia National Laboratories
Science landscape (Sandia)
Science Landscape News Release
Principles of Information Display for Visualization
Tufte in Slate
Dynamic Diagrams: Welcome
Welcome to Cyber-Geography Research


Virtual Worlds at UVA
VRML Repository (San Diego)
Wired's VRML Forum
The Tenochtitlan Web Site
Pete's Page -- The Easy VRML Tutorial
Special Edition Using VRML
Community Place: Authoring Tutorials
Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML)
Welcome to Planet 9 Studios
Invisible City
rossetti vrml
Ancona's HT97 abstract
WaxWeb 3.0
Hell's Home
3dX (Will Rourk)
VRML and literary studies
The Great Leap Downward
Why computer modeling should become a popular hobby
VRML Support (Microsoft)
3D Animation Workshop - --3d animation tutorials and resources
Yahoo! - (VRML)


Addicted To Noise
44.1kHz Master Index
OLGA Home Page
Web Guitar Resources
Guitar World Online
BluesWeb's King Biscuit Time
Jazz Central Station
Tom Morgan's Jazz and Blues
Internet Underground Music Archive
Emigre Music
Southern Culture on the Skids
Uncle Tupelo
No Depression
Blues Explosion Central!
The Ultimate Brown Album Page
michael's music links //// sonic youth sonic youth sonic youth sonic youth sonic youth sonic youth sonic youth sonic youth sonic youth sonic youth
hyperstation - t h e s o n i c n e w s p a g e
Sonic Youth -- 11-21-97 Avery Fisher Hall
sonik death
!!!Sonic Youth Web Ring!!!
Sonic Youth - Contents
mike watt's hoot page
ASCENSION - The Music of Glenn Branca